1000 Things We Hate #6: Mini Laptops

9 09 2009

So, someone came to this site based on the web search of “polish big boobs…” 

Well, I was going to do some comic book reviews, but that just pissed me off… what a fuckin’ sicko!  So, instead of being all sweet and catching up and actually writing about the 30 or so comics I’ve read since I last rated one… I wanted to complain about something.

The problem with the 1000 Things We Hate segment of this site is that… well, Megan and I hate a lot of things.  So much so that when we casually mention how much we hate something during the day (multiple times on multiple items), we exclaim, “that’d be great for the site!” and then promptly forget about it.  I’ve had a list in my head of things I hate that I’ve been meaning to write about for a month now… and I just can’t recall the list when I sit down in front of a computer.  Hot damn!

Today in my Communications class, someone whipped one of these fuckers out…

Oh sweet, is that your new gigantic, flat screen 400GB iPod imagine Touch!?

Wait what… that’s your fucking laptop…?

You mean you’re too lazy to carry the whole ten pounds or less of your normal laptop…?

You mean you like things being slow and little…?

You do understand that I thoroughly enjoy still working on my desktop… right?

What a jerk… seriously… what a jerk.

First of all, you’ve got to have some nerve to get a mini laptop.  I mean, you’re just showing off that you’re willing to dish out $300 on something that could hide inside a cat’s intestines (I’m not suggesting anything), then you’re also implying that you’re way better than everyone else because you probably have another regular sized laptop at home, but you’re too dainty to carry it and want something smaller.  Even that one commercial with the woman talking to the guy on the boardwalk bench makes him out to be a complete egotistical, high and mighty prick.  HE FINISHES ALL OF HER SENTENCES.  What a bastard.

Frankly, I hate the idea of small technology that I could probably step on, crush, cry, and then hyperventilate for two whole hours after watching my money fizzle away.

Or maybe it’s just that they seem unnecessarily small.

Or maybe it’s because technology that small begins to start looking like Transformers toys or some accessory in a game of Air Hockey.

Paddles anyone?



One response

3 07 2011

The keyboards are really small, too. It’s almost impossible to type comfortably with them.

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