1000 Things We Hate #8: Pictures Looking Down at Shoes/Feet

9 09 2009

Once I start the hating, I can’t stop.

Anyone can take this overdone type of photograph.  It’s awful.  Stop this… right now.  These are stupid.  Stop!

And yes… I’m looking over at you Flickr…

You too intro Photography students… especially you.

For more on feet and socks check out socks with boots, socks getting wet, socks with sandals, holes in socks, and what have you.

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3 responses

11 01 2010

I agree for the most part.
Plus, if you’re going to take a picture of your feet you have to have killer shoes.

6 07 2010
1000 Things We Hate #62: Crocs « MechanisticMoth

[…] one of the earliest 1000 Things We Hate, I ranted about pictures of feet.  Well, whenever someone is wearing Crocs, I look down and the image is scarred into my brain like […]

30 07 2010
Hannah Haugen

Ha ha I totally agree with you! What the hell is the point of taking pictures of feet. There’s nothing memorable about it, Isn’t the point of a picture to preserve a precious memory or capture a serene momemt. What the fuck do feet have to do with that. It’s simply bad taste. I quite enjoyed the comment about photography students! Touche! Honestly I think they deserve they’re own spot on the things we hate blog.

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