1000 Things We Hate #12: Music With Sirens While Driving

20 12 2009

You’re driving… You hear a siren from either a police cruiser or an ambulance/firetruck – whatever – and you’re freaking out because your music’s really loud so you have to turn it down to be able to tell if that’s really what you’re hearing.

Strangely, you turn your music down, and the siren seems to be fading away.

You think, “Right on! Crisis averted.”

…Okay, probably not that, only a loser would think something that specific… but still.

So, you casually celebrate by turning your volume back to as loud as it was before.

Your heart quickens and misfires once again as you think maybe there are two different sirens going to two different places and you should be on the lookout again.

Then, you realize it.


You’ve been fooled.

Whether or not you have a passenger, you look around hoping no one saw you while you feel slightly embarrassed.  Nevertheless, you try to get back into your music and driving, but there’s still that sneaking suspicion in the back of your head that there was truly a siren somewhere near you all along.

I hate that feeling.

One exception: “Mr. Ambulance Driver” by The Flaming Lips… because it’s so goddamn obvious that it’s from the song.



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