1000 Things We Hate #19: Ending Sentences with “You Know”

21 01 2010

This guy sure looks like he ends most of his sentences sounding like a privelaged little shit that seems like they're looking for conformation on their great idea but are really just looking for praise.

“So, it’s like Walt Whitman is trying to say one thing about his sexuality within this but hidden behind what he’s really saying, you know?”

No, I don’t fucking know.  Quite frankly, I don’t understand where the fuck you’re going with that ridiculous comment that any dumbass could figure out.  Do you want me to suck your toes, is that it?  Little shit.

I hate that people who have this tendency to end their sentences with this phrase speak up a lot.  Frankly, it’s basically like they’re saying “do you agree with my genius idea(!)?” rather than “you know?”.  No, most times I don’t agree with your idea because primarily shitfucks are the ones who use this phrase.  That’s right, shitfucks.

What’s even worse?  “You Know What I Mean.”

I’d much rather take the abbreviated version over that full fuckin’ phrase.

Overall, though, I’d prefer none of them.  I’d prefer that people would stop saying “this is true,” “I know, right?,” “bless you,” or “you know?” altogether because I hate them.  They don’t add anything to a conversation.

To check out something intrinsically link, oh, I don’t know, follow the link!

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21 01 2010

Also beginning any sentence with, “Don’t you think…” Of course this is always followed by something that the listener does NOT think. It’s the speaker who is trying arrogantly to project their opinions onto the listener. It’s a cheap rhetorical trick, and a cowardly retreat from the straightforward “I think.” Anyway, that’s what I think.

22 01 2010
Beverly Gayle

My most used phrase in reply to “How is your day going?”:

“Oh, You know…” (return to reading book)

(The best way to remain social awkward is to carry around a bulky novel. Also, if it’s got an old-fashioned hard cover and gold-leafed pages, people will think it’s a bible. )

Conversations on bus this term: 1.2

And yes, I assume you agree/know what I mean. All The Time.

11 11 2011
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