1000 Things We Hate #18: Awkward Hallway Passing

21 01 2010

Imagine this inside... and people going the other direction.

Do you like fun dances?  Have you ever learned to pivot while either a.) marching, b.) playing basketball, or c.) other stuff?

That’s what you get when you have to pass someone in a small hallway.  Typically, you expect the person to stick it to the right…. but, what happens when they don’t!?  Oh shit!  Granted, most people will not get within your 3 feet worth of personal-space-bubble.  Nevertheless, both of you will contort your bodies to avoid each other at all cost.

Problem is: once they start going one way, you’ve discovered you chose to head that way, too.  GODDAMMIT!  Now you both auto correct only to realize that you’re tango-ing in the middle of some hallway at 9 in the morning.

Your worst nightmare.

The most horrifying of this whole experience is the part when you finally make eye contact with the person, and then you make a cute little joke about how you’re going to go this way now.  I guarantee that for a full 5 minutes (no more, no less) after this experience, you both will think about how stupid you just were.

Strangely, this experience often occurs also with a shitload of room on either side in large hallways.  It may not be as likely, but it may be argued that this version is more embarassing.

Sometimes, you can just stare at a person from across a long expanse and know that you’re going to have a mutual problem getting past each other.

Living hell.



2 responses

30 07 2010
Nicole Stollery

A friend of mine found himself in this situation once. He literally grabbed the other person and started dancing with them in the middle of the hallway. It was fun to watch.

23 11 2010
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