1000 Things We Hate #23: Leggings as Pants

8 02 2010

Sprawling off of the theme of the previous 1000 Things We Hate, this one spawned from a couple of people in my classes over the last few weeks.

You do know that I can totally see that you have a camel toe right now, right? I can see your underwear underneath your leggings, too.

Alright, I’m going to state some atrocities with just leggings in public worn as pants:

  • Most Leggings are see-through.  Yes, in a certain light I can see all of your skin underneath them
  • Leggings are meant to be worn to keep you warm… which often involves wearing another layer of insulation underneath them
  • If you don’t wear a thong underneath, then you get the dreaded pantylines (see: #20: Pantylines)
  • They emphasize your cooch
  • They bastardize your pooch
  • You look pretty fucking ridiculous, okay?
  • Are you poor and can only afford leggings?  Or, are you lazy and can’t actually slip on a pair of pants?
  • Your ass is fairly nearly completely exposed with no pockets (see: #10: Jeans with No Back Pockets) to add any emphasis or cover up your butt a bit

There’s a growing phenomenon attacking our nation and the daily fashion industry: laziness.  Leggings are meant to be a thicker version of tights so people can go around feeling a little bit warmer and a bit more covered up while wearing skirts or what have you.  So, why have people begun to abuse this process?

Nice thong and ass and poor sense of modesty.

As if this couldn’t be pushed far enough, we are presented with the new trend (like jeans) of ripping the shit out of leggings or creating some ridiculous pattern that completely contradicts the point of clothing meant for winter.

Wear are we going with this?

Now, I’ll give you some of my rules for, at least, what I find to be alright for wearing leggings in public:

  • Don’t wear them as pants!
  • Make sure you get the longer ones that don’t cut off on your calf.  These just break up the body too much and doesn’t provide a very elegant flow for your legs.  Plus, in the winter time, this means you (if you do) have to shave your legs at the part that shows
  • Under skirts or dresses works best
  • If you do wear leggings as pants (by complete accident, I hope) make sure to wear a top that looks equally shitty… like a baggy sweatshirt because the juxtaposition of a really nice blouse and jacket with leggings is too ironic, ridiculous, and ugly to ever forgive (yes, I’m talking to you Oily-skinned slim girl in my English class)
  • Black works best but don’t be afraid to try new colors as long as they’re muted tones (like dark reds, browns, or grays) mostly because neon does not work at all
  • I’m pretty sure tights are cheaper (they may not last as long, however).  Plus they come in some pretty neat designs.  So, unless you really need the extra warmth, opt for tights

Notice how the legging cuts off in the leg which makes it also look wrinkly. This may work if you have tall boots, but not with shoe-heel thingies like that.

So, garment striking today’s youth from one sorority house at a time, what do you have to say for yourself?


Alright, I’ll take just a “these are only meant – by themselves – to be worn at home.”

See our other 1000 Things We Hate on Jeggings, the new atrocity trying to legitimize Leggings as Pants.  Also, there’s a problem out there with distressed jeans, check it.

For another hilarious ruling on this indecent practice, check out: CupCakesandMace.com

Ello, there! For more of our overwhelming list of 1000 Things We Hate, we implore you to investigate like Sherlock Holmes or Nancy Drew what you agree, disagree, or want to have a party over here at our MASTER LIST.  Cheers!



23 responses

9 02 2010
Lillian Sawyer

I have been waiting for you to do leggings as pants. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

10 02 2010
Beverly Gayle

I dig the fact that I am culpable of no less than 8 of the things you hate. 😀
Of course, I’m not sure if you include shiny maroon tights with REDMOND emblazoned on the side of them…
But you can be sure they’ve made several appearances at the Albertson’s on 30th.

15 02 2010

i wanna kill every single blondie that has got leggings, a cheap shirt/coat with a scarf, those weird and ugly looking tall boots, DIRTY hair made on one side – it looks UGLY!, and also which is ORANGE…yes orange! because of overuse of foundation……
ARGH!!! i hate THEM !!!!! i hate hate hate THEM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! AARGH!!
….phew now that i feel better, i wanna say thnx<3

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11 11 2010

Legging ass pants is damn near the greatest thing ever. Obviously an article written by someone who does not appreciate the female form as much as the common man.

15 12 2010

You’re so god damn retarded. You’re probably some fat girl who’s just jealous of people who look damn good in leggings. It’s not lazy, it’s awesome.

9 03 2011
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21 03 2011

Leggings are great

23 03 2011

they are sexxxxxxxxxxxyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

19 07 2011

The worst are fat girls with cellulite who wear them,skinny chicks with skeleton legs who wear them and people who wear white leggings with non white under crackers EWWWWWWWWWWW.

28 07 2011

Youre a fucking prude, leggings are fucking hot as fuck

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