1000 Things We Hate #34: Replacing Letters With Numbers

5 04 2010

This does not have any form of a particlar meaning.

People who don’t use grammar as a framing point have always bugged me, misspelling is hurtful, and misconstruction is just misguided. However, for the most part I understand that these things are unintentional. No one means to do these things, right? Well, that’s what my simple mind used to believe. I used to believe that there was some good in the world. But not anymore. That’s because I found out that people have recently been replacing letters with numbers.

For example, instead of using the entirety of a word, such as tomorrow, they will shorten it by replacing a section of the word that is number-like in sound with an actual number, thus changing tomorrow into 2morrow.

This is only advertising your poor grammatical skills, nothing more.

What is the point of this gentlemen? Absolutely fucking nothing. There is no point. I don’t understand why this is necessary whatsoever. Is it shortening the word? Not really, because you only cut out two letters which would have been just as simple to write out as the fucking number. Stupid. Stupid. Stupid. There is no logical use for this. Really. Are you in that much of a goddamn hurry?

Are you attempting to be ironic? Because you've failed.

And the number “two” does NOT mean the same thing as “to”. Those are two very different, separate words people! So substituting one for the other doesn’t even make any sense. Let’s try and use our brains, just for a second. I know that’s difficult for some of you.

This is an example of the number "two", meaning - this cat has two faces.

These awkward teens are an example of "to", as in they are headed to some awkward teen destination.

This is a fucking problem. I mean, if this is the way that words automatically register in people’s brains, then what? Goddammit! Get a fucking dictionary, yeah? Then you can get back to me.

To see another important aspect of being a dumbfuck with typing, check out alternating capital and lower case letters here (we implore!).

In case you have not had enough, check out the master list of 1000 Things We Hate to find things that you love to hate or hate to love or something in between.



3 responses

5 04 2010
Rita Jane

Little House Hates This Too!

30 07 2010
Hannah Haugen

I fucking REFUSE to replace letters with numbers. How fucking stupid do people have to be!

14 11 2010
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