1000 Things We Hate #45: Training Pokemon (for hours)

9 04 2010

As Super Effective cleverly demonstrates, training your Pokemon fucking sucks.

This may take hours.  Taylor told me just last week that it took him two days of training to be ready for the Elite Four.

Honestly, how does my Togepi get the same amount of experience every time it’s defeated a Lv.10-12 Drowsee!?  It just sees it all the time, metronomes its ass and we’re done with it.  Some more shuffling, and another one!  Oh, wait this time it’s a Pidgey!  Damn, that’s less experience.

Now, training is all part of the RPG experience.  I understand this, but it doesn’t mean I like it.  Couldn’t they just make the Pokemon grow a bit faster?  You could spread out their evolutions a bit more, I just want them to be super fucking strong.


I do enjoy the lovely nature of the new games on the DS where you get to touch the moves rather than clunkily navigate with up-right-down-left and a-b.  Nevertheless, it’s just a shitty long-ass process.

Finding trainers can get fun, but even that gets old when you’re pokemon kick theirs but still aren’t good enough for a gym leader… it’s just sooo poooppppy.

Yes, I understand that I’m 20 years old and I’m bitching about pokemon…

Scary Dark... and just a lot of boring.

 One other unfortunate problem to training pokemon is that it is just entertaining enough and you invest just enough of yourself to be distracted from doing other things.  Sure, I’ve talked on the phone while training my pokemon, but I am definitely much more concise and sound distracted.  It gets right at that line… bleh.

In case you haven’t noticed, we write about a lot of Pokémon.  Check out our Favorites here and our Hated here.  Oh, and, naturally, the difference between Pokémon and Digimon.

Did that post give you a special tingling like the one you got catching a Groudon in a Premier Ball?  If so, check out the rest of 1000 Things We Hate, they’re equally as thrilling.



11 responses

9 04 2010

Mmm, I use a lot of traded Pokemon now that I transferred from Emerald because they get 1.5 experience. But if you really desire I can catch some Pokemon for you and whenever we get around to trading, send them to you and training goes by a lot faster. But yeah, I got my Typhlosion up to the 70’s now and the highest level Pokemon in the game are around 50. But anyway, I’m rambling. Also they just announced Pokemon Black and White (5th gen). I’ll send you the link sometime via facebook. Oh, and the elite four aren’t that hard but it’s that damn Lance that gets me every time, the difficulty curve is so incredibly inconsistent.

9 04 2010

I checked out Pokemon Black and White… I’m waiting for April 15th, I hope they don’t just tack on more pokemon and they make some major updates. I’m thinking of starting to trade over some of my ones from Platinum, but do you need the National Pokedex for that?
Lance and that fuckin’ Dragonite… god I love Dragonite.

9 04 2010

Well, I really liked the implements in HeartGold and SoulSilver so I would be pleased if they just used that as a basic blueprint to build upon, but they’d better make some damn good starter pokemon. No more of that Chimchar b.s. And yes, I think you need the National Pokedex because it made me need one before I could evolve my Togetic but I never actually had the means to test a trade from D/P/Pt to HG/SS, and yes I felt it was excessive to give Lance THREE Dragonites, but because they’re Flying/Dragon then ice attacks will do 4x the damage, so it’s probably worth investing in an ice-type like Seel or Shellder. Also curious if they’re going to make the 3rd installment of the 5th gen “Pokemon Grey”.

9 04 2010

Do you still have the friend finder? Because I really hate calling people up to challenge them when I could just charge that little bugger on my bike and then go and fight the same trainer over and over making money and earning bonus experience from the pokemon being trained.

I miss the watch poketech with all of the apps from Platinum/Pearl/Diamond. That was pretty neat. The interface is still nice on this one.

Damn the national pokedex! I have the Smoochum which is ice/psychic which I find to be a very clever combo. Have almost all of your pokemon been girls from the pokewalker? Because it sort of seems like they’re suggesting only girls walk or something with all of the pokemon I’ve been catching.

Pokemon Grey would be pretty hilarious.
I like Black and White, but with that distinct of titles, they’re really going to have to amp it up, in my opinion.

10 04 2010

Oh yeahhhh, I forgot about that. But uhh, I keep all of the higher paying (and level) opponents at the top of the list on my cell phone along with all the gym leaders because sometimes when I sporadically call them they’ll be like, “BATTLE? K.” But when you get “Blue”‘s number (from Viridian) then he has super-evolved Pokemon like Rhyperion ‘n shit. They’re pretty good for experience. Especially the Pokemon like Tyranitar who have gaping holes in their defense so you can hit them with 4x.

But yes– we’ll discuss this more tomorrow (which is now today).

10 04 2010

Forgot to press “reply” instead of “add new comment” watcha gon’ do?

23 06 2010

i like this game..

23 06 2010

Oh, I love it, but the training just gets tiring. It really helps when all of your pokémon are traded and you get 1.5x xp, though.

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captain america

that’s why i use AR.

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