1000 Things We Hate #46: Paying for Laundry

9 04 2010

A look of wild elation, naturally.

Doing my laundry today in my house made me remember something I had not really thought about for awhile (well, at least since January), and that’s paying for laundry.

But when I did, oh did shit get nasty.  Sabretooth can attest, I shot her so many menacing gleams that they almost rivaled her own.  The beautiful thing is: I still have a roll of quarters left with no real place to go.

I hated going down into the student store and trading a twenty for two rolls of quarters that would surely disappear within a week do to those-who-will-not-be-named’s crazy amount of clothes cleaning habits.  It’s hard to see your money dwindle down into those little slots knowing that this is solely so you won’t smell.

Is this what it has come to?  We pay even more (soap, shampoo, deodorant) to not smell?

Goodbye $1.75 per load.  Goodbye goodbye.

Weird, Dank Place full of strangers... not much unlike a movie theater.

Luckily for me, I only formally had to use a laundromat for sheets.  The washer & dryer were in our building.  So, once every couple of weeks, there was a venture to the laundromat (okay, I really remember only going there once, maybe twice).  It was a barren wasteland some moments and crazy full others.  Then, there was the mid-90s cheese-y arcade shooters in the back corner calling out for the remaining quarters in my pocket… FUCK NO!

I am already surrounded by these weird people doing their mundane task of laundry, I do not want to put my backs to them while shooting fucking 64-bit aliens!!!  It’s smelly, and there is a lot of detached hair laying all over the place and the tones are usually quite sickly.

Not only that, I have to get familiar with quarters!  I’m tired of rolls of quarters!

Thank goodness I don’t have to worry about those anymore…

Clearly suffering from the early effects of having to pay for laundry (actually a cover to Wild Nothing album...)



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15 07 2010

HATE hate hate this.

6 02 2012
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