1000 Things We Hate #54: Dishes in the Sink

7 05 2010

Why do people have to put their disgusting dishes in the sink?

Ewww, are they mixing porcelain and plastic? Disgusting.

First, don’t be lazy and just wash your own damn dishes.  Second, how can I wash my dishes when your slimy, crusty, bacteria ridden waste is in my way.  I could wash your dishes for you, but I’m not that nice.  Instead, I’ll try to maneuver my plate under the faucet without touching your mess.  Seems like the perfect solution, but wait, the water splashes off of my plate and onto the counter where it drips down to the floor.  The water seeps into my socks which makes my feet cold and collects dirt as I walk.  Now, I’m pissed because your dirty dishes are still in the way and I need to do laundry.  Thanks, lazy ass.

These used to be pretty and white.

But the story doesn’t end there…

The logical solution after the sink is full of dishes is to put the next dish on the counter.

The "fun" bottle lies!!

Isn’t this swell?  There’s no possible way for me to clean my dishes and now the kitchen is officially a hazard zone.  If I wanted to cook something I’d spend hours disinfecting the kitchen and still not feel it was clean.  Plus, where do you even begin to start cleaning?  The answer: nowhere.

The dishes will keeping piling up which means all that food waste is going to mold.


The kitchen looks bad and smells bad because of your laziness.  Does that make you proud?

Housemates, we’ve tried asking you to do your dishes.  We’ve tried guilting you with karma.  We’ve been passive aggressive.  But nothing works.  You continue with your selfish ways and leave me pulling out my hair.

Angry man version of me hating you.

Really, will washing your dishes once you’re done with them kill you?  Will you at least horde your dishes in your room so I don’t have to look at them?  There are so many benefits to clean counters and sinks.

Where else can you smear your baby’s poop?  So, keep your dishes out of the sink!



3 responses

9 05 2010

I’m sure you glad you don’t like dirty dishes in the sink. Can’t wait until you are here for the whole summer.


9 05 2010

I really hope those photos are not from your own house… ❤

11 08 2011
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