1000 Things We Hate #57: Oil Spills

1 06 2010

Alright, I can honestly admit that many of the things under the 1000 Things We Hate banner are usually unwarranted or impractical.  However, in this instance, I feel like we have a large reason to up the ante of hate.

With the recent Deepwater Horizon/BP Oil Spill tearing apart the Gulf of Mexico, it’s come to my attention that many people don’t know a goddamn thing about what’s happening with this situation.

Let’s provide an example:

This isn't just a common puddle in the parking lot, folks

Oh yeah, you see that pretty stuff?  That’s only an tiny bit of the estimated 500,000 to 4,200,000 Gallons of oil being expelled from the sea floor every day constituting the greatest natural/oil disaster in US history.  Let’s all exhale together a giant “Fuuuuhhhhhhckkkkk” because it is rather deserving.

So, I believe that we should all be in a unanimous hate (considering that you care about the US economy, the world ecology, and overall environment) with this one.

Not just any bath

This and other oil spills destroy fishing industries, bird habitats, endangered species (in this case some rare turtle species), shorelines, and result in negative effects that can be felt decades into the future.  Exxon Valdez is quickly becoming a blip to Deepwater Horizon.

Oil spills also deeply affect the overall economies of the areas near to them through other things such as tourism.

Not only this, but it goes to show all of the crude oil being expelled that could be utilized.  On this note, I suppose the only positive thing Oil Spills do is once again emphasize our continued over-reliance on fossil fuels rather than clean/green energy.

I would love to have that on my seafood platter!

In the current Deepwater Horizon situation, criminal investigations are being stirred up and BP is paying for much – but not all – of the clean up efforts.  I believe that these are steps in the right direction, but situations like these arise in a way that fully displays poor safety and other regulations that need vast improvement.  Therefore, we all, as concerned people, should be held more accountable.

Our Collective Failure



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27 12 2011
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