1000 Things We Hate Guest Post Contest!

15 07 2010

So, I am probably still going through with the 1000 Things We Hate blogathon tomorrow.  However, whipping out some foresight, I realize that I’m going to be pretty darn pooped afterward.  So, I’ve been tossing around this idea in my head for awhile, and here’s the time to do it.

A 1000 Things We Hate Guest Post Contest!

Do you have something you vehemently hate and it hasn’t appeared on our list yet?  If so, review our list to see what we already have, and then write a 300-700 word post about your hate.  It’s also highly encouraged to include pictures (which you can just provide the url for).  Each person can submit up to three posts on what they hate.

The top 5 (and maybe more) submissions will be included on the site, and your name will be attached as well as anything else within reason about yourself you’d like to include (like your personal blog).

This is the time to let the creativity and anger/frustration/disappointment/hate spark into hundreds of flaming words.

Please e-mail thetodolistproject@gmail.com with your submission(s)

–We will judge submissions based upon whether or not we agree with the hates, how well-written/hateful they are, and creativity.  Our views may not completely reflect yours, but we may still post it.  However, please refrain from issues regarding any hate towards any group (such as based upon race, sexual orientation, etc.), and keep it fairly non-violent (please see some of our posts as examples) and inflammatory.  We also retain the right to edit your submission.



4 responses

15 07 2010
Kirsten Anthony

Big Trucks. You know, the ones that redneck’s drive around that are obnoxiously loud and have “lift kits” made of 2x4s. They drive them in the middle of the road because they’re too massive to fit in a single lane, they park them diagonally taking up at least four other spots, and they cut you off because, obviously, they’re the biggest and entitled to run you over. And then they drive up right beside you and rev their ridiculous, unmuffled engine and tear away leaving you in a plume of their exhaust. And as a side note, they are always driven by the shortest, most ill-tempered men. I have a bumper sticker that sums it up: “Nice truck, sorry about your small penis”.

15 07 2010

That’s great, if you expand it out to twice that length and send it to the e-mail, you can enter the contest to get a guest post!

15 07 2010
Rusty Shakleford

Broken vending machines.

…most of the article would just be WHO THE FUCK CARRIES QUARTERS!?

15 07 2010
Beverly Gayle

Just as a general declaration: we play to win.

With Love,
Little House on Miami

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