1000 Things We Hate #68: Red Plastic Cups

16 07 2010

A Party Staple

Honestly, these things are fucking annoying.  I suppose it’s more so the people’s fault to why I hate these red plastic cups.

Primarily, my hate stems from walking by this house every day, and seeing some red plastic cups thrown about in their bushes.  I walked by this house every day, but these people fucking lived there.  Why wouldn’t the dumbasses do the easy task of cleaning up after themselves/their party going friends?

These cups stick out as an eyesore during the daytime.  Sure, they have that vibrant red that makes the a little acceptable at night, and, naturally, with a few drinks in you.

Too slick for my tastes

I suppose another thing that I dislike about them (aside from dickface’s who don’t know how to recycle them and just crumple them up) is their texture.  These cups are meant for parties.  Sure, they’ve been abused by the college parties… But, I just don’t see the reasons behind why these cups are so effective.  Their plastic is completely smooth with beads of liquid sliding off of them as if it were nothing.  They are extremely flexible but not necessarily durable.

Hot ladies do not make this any more interesting

I suppose the newest bastardization of these cups has been beer pong (peer bong) which is just a stupid game altogether.

Anyway, enjoy this song that Sabretooth and I improv’d about Red Plastic Cups:

Yes, my head is cut off so you can see Sabretooth in my lap.



3 responses

16 07 2010

Hmm, I’ve never really thought about it. Now that you mention it, I really fucking hate those red plastic cups.

28 07 2010
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5 05 2011
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