1000 Things We Hate #69: Love Triangles

16 07 2010

As mentioned in the Additional Items section of Veronica’s Super HeroiHOT, love triangles like the classic Archie-Betty-Veronica one are really and kinda gross.

I hope one of them wipes out and takes the others with them

Okay, if you think about it, both girls are constantly trying to vie for Archie’s attention but also PUTTING UP WITH THE OTHER ONE constantly flirting with Archie.  Honestly, it seems like the only solution is for Betty and Veronica to ADMIT THEIR LOVE FOR EACH OTHER.  I’m sure that Archie doesn’t even deserve that much attention from two girls at once nor even just one.  He’s a loser… losers do not deserve a menage a trois.

Love and hate between army men

However, love triangles are not restricted to just heteronormative or even romantic relationships.  In Platoon, Chris obviously has love and admiration for both Elias and Sgt. Barnes, but which one will he go to!?  Oh God, trying to get some fatherly love is so hard!

Classic Bigamy!

The typical threesome love triangle is fairly common in works of fiction like comic books.  The good ol’ Superman-Lana Lang-Lois Lane or Peter Parker (Spider-Man)-Mary Jane Watson-Gwen Stacy or Batman-Robin-Bruce Wayne’s Dead Parents are classic illustrations of love triangles.

Love triangles are just such a simple (yet arguably effective) plot device where the reader roots for one or the other (usually rooting for the male to choose their favorite female) person to win the protagonist’s heart.  It just gets boring and stale after awhile.

Yes, this image really did come up when I searched for "love triangle"

I suppose that the ploy in fiction is just upsetting.  But, what if this was to happen in real life?  It hasn’t really happened to me completely… okay, it has… and, it was kinda stupid.  I suppose they are common, but that doesn’t mean I have to like them.  They’re super frustrating to watch and live through.



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