1000 Things We Hate #71: Redneck Zombies

16 07 2010

Before reading this, view the original trailer:

Alright, in the beginning, this sounds like a wonderful movie.  It has a great premise: Rednecks make moonshine out of radioactive waste turning the drinkers into ZOMBIES!  That’s just awesome.  I mean, all kinds of awesome.

However, the film was not awesome.

So Cheesily Cool... but not really

So, here’s the story upon discovering this film.  As a large Toxic Avenger fan (“JUUULLLLIEEEEE, OHHHH JULLLIIIEEEE” or “JULIE!  YOU’RE STRESSING ME OUT, JULIE!”), I naturally began to explore other Troma films.  Upon seeing this one on eBay, I had to have it.  The great premise sold me.

So, my bestie Aaron had just had his relationship broken up by her the day or so before (doom laid around the corner for my relationship the next week).  I decided, what better way to cheer Aaron up than a movie about Redneck Zombies!?  This was my second mistake (the first being liking the premise).  We sat there at probably 6:30 PM nodding off because the first half of the film is basically meaningless and tiring.  The whole time I thought, “OH MY GOD YOU FUCKING FILM, YOU ARE NOT CHEERING UP AARON.”

The beginning is slow, Troma once again had a stereotyped black and gay character (yes, this is understandable because, despite it’s B-studio cred, Lloyd Kaufman is staunchly conservative), and over-the-top, idiotic portrayals of rednecks.

When the killing finally began happening near the end, it was not very entertaining.  After seeing so many b-horror/gore films or just violent films, in general, my tolerance and “wow” factor has gone way up.  So, it takes a decent amount to surprise me.  Redneck Zombies was just the same stale, boring, predictable gore machine as most other films with nothing to distinguish itself.

None of these people actually appear in the film

It actually hurt to watch this film.  It hurt so much it made me sleepy.  Everything was lacking from this film making it the second worst film (next to The Magic Sword, of course) I have ever seen.



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