1000 Things We Hate #72: “Otay”

16 07 2010

This 1000 Things We Hate stems from something kinda okay (although, looking back, it was pretty racist), but a group of people have bastardized the phrase/word.

He's Poor, He's Black, He's Illiterate, He's your stereotypical character of the 1930s ladies and gentlemen!

So, apparently, the phrase “O-Tay” stems from Buckwheat (read: Black Child Character) not being able to pronounce the word “okay” and saying “otay” instead.  I guess, looking past all of the racist underlying messages, that can be mildly reasonable.

However, the phrase has taken new light and shaped into something much more dangerous and obscene.

As Urban Dictionary describes: “Otay: a thing that stupid girls say when they think they’re being cute in saying it.”

Someone finally told her to shut the fuck up

The Urban Dictionary definition definitely sums it all up.  It’s not cute, and, quite frankly, it throws me for a loop every time I hear it.  I can remember thinking the first time “holy shit, are they purposely being dumb?”  It was also the sole reason I stopped having a crush on that girl.  It’s actually happened a couple of times.

Yeah, it’s easy to piss me off.



4 responses

28 09 2010

But good Lord, that is an adorable black child.

19 09 2011
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