1000 Things We Hate #73: Unflushed Toilet

16 07 2010

M for Muff and Muck and Motherfucker

Alright, this should be an obvious one.  I mean, seriously.

Who wants to walk into a bathroom (most commonly a public one) and discover shit still in the toilet?  I sure as fuck do not.  This happened nearly every other day in the fucking dorms.  I would go in to go to the bathroom, and there would be shit and piss all over the toilet.  Honestly, where is the respect?  Respect for both the next person that has to use the toilet and for the person that has to clean it up.

Plus, I sure as hell do not want to walk in on to some poop because the sight of it makes me gag.

Sure, that It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia episode where Frank says “Cause poop’s funny!” occasionally rings true, but not when you’re so disgusted by someone else wringing one out that you can’t do yours anymore.  That’s just an unfair business practice.

Not so funny

Do you know what actually bothers me a little bit more?  Just seeing piss and a single bit of toilet paper floating around when it’s a shared sex bathroom.  Why? Because, I know that some girl with her dirty ass vag just wiped that toilet paper on her cunt and didn’t even have the courtesy of spending the 5 seconds (on my toilet at home it’s longer and some people still have yet to figure out the simple equation of holding the handle down longer equals real flushing) to flush away their slimy cunt paper.

I kinda feel like it’s a bit more excusable to the people who took a shit and forgot because they just spent a lot of hard-earned energy squeezing one (or more) out.  All of that concentration devoted to a single act may have rid them of the thought required to flush the toilet.  Pissing does not take this much energy.  Therefore, flushing piss must occur 100% of the time while flushing shit should occur just as much but as a 10% excusable rate.

This cat has absolutely no problem remembering to flush

So, what do the pooper/piss/blood-leavers get in return?  Well, it would be really nice if there was a sign in/sign out sheet on the door.  Or, if I was psychic, they would leave memory traces and I could track the bastards.  Then, I would telekinetic-ally drag around the toilet and smear the shit and piss across their faces and into their mouths to the point that they would start choking.  I would laugh maniacally, and it would be a good day.



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