1000 Things We Hate #77: Slurpee Remains

16 07 2010

Enjoy the song:

It’s a sad moment in life when something so wonderful turns to something so awful.  That is the case with slurpee remains where you dig around with your scoop straw for one tiny bit more of sugar to rush you only to find stale crushed ice instead.  I hate how life can turn that around on you… what a fucker.



3 responses

4 06 2011
1000 Things We Hate #162: Most Hated Pokémon « MechanisticMoth

[…] mohawks still popular? I suppose so, I saw one guy yesterday with a puke/slurpee remains colored mohawk that was fairly reminiscent of a rotting horse’s mane. Scrafty rocks the […]

11 07 2011
1000 Things We Hate #172: Stupid Nicknames « MechanisticMoth

[…] be original or get out and maybe go have a slurpee dumped on your […]

18 08 2011
1000 Things We Hate #179: Employee Smoke Breaks « MechanisticMoth

[…] over) where ANOTHER 7-11 was inserted into our modern society.  Everyone should know that I love slurpees.  I love them a lot.  I usually get one a week.  Plus, my cousin works at two 7-11s, so I am […]

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