1000 Things We Hate #84: Chewing Gum

22 07 2010

If you burst that bubble...

I need to clarify the title of this, I don’t hate chewing gum itself, I love gum and chew it pretty often, it’s the people that sit there smacking their gum and popping it that bother me. Today I had the bad luck of encountering two such people, both on the same bus route within an hour… It was payday (whoohoo!) so I hopped on the bus for my ten minute ride to where I work and, just my luck, I sit in front of someone chewing gum. Normally this would be fine, I wouldn’t even notice, but they were smacking it around their mouth and occasionally doing that thing where they pop it a bunch of times in a row… ugh.
I know it’s a weird thing to dislike but that sound of popping just gets on my nerves, like pen-tapping bothers some people. Listening to that moist chewing of gum for ten minutes was enough, add the popping and I was tempted to turn around and tell them to stop. Fortunately, my parents taught me manners and how to behave politely in public (this person obviously missed those lessons) so I suffered my ten minutes in silence. When I got on the bus to head home (less than half an hour after getting off the last one) I was ready for my usual bus routine, sitting, staring out the window, and thinking. However just a minute or so after get on the bus I heard it again… that popping sound interrupted my thoughts… at least the second guy had the decency not smack.
This kid knows what’s up
Don’t get me wrong with the whole popping thing, I love blowing bubbles with my gum… as long as it’s bubble gum. Regular old chewing gum wasn’t made to make bubbles and really, in my opinion, it makes a completely (and more annoying) different sound. So please people stop popping your gum and swallow your spit!

1000 Things We Hate #84: Chewing Gum is a submission from the Guest Post Contest written by Sydney Randall.  You can visit her blog at A Cartography of Colors.
The views expressed by the writers of the Guest Post Contest may or may not reflect the opinions of the managers of MechanisticMoth.



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