1000 Things We Hate #92: The Chosen One

9 08 2010

Sexy and Chosen and Furry

The “Chosen One” is a tried and tired trope featured throughout literature, film, and other media.  Even when a character is not directly referred to as “The Chosen One” they can still have some power or divine grace that makes them hyper real; chosen.

Riding my Falkor and saving the fictional world, bitches

The issue with this trope is that it is way too overused.  In fact, it is at the point that most “Chosen Ones” in today’s media or literature are directly referred to as “The Chosen One” or have it as their actual name.  I believe that the imagination and creativity has been sucked dry out of the trope.  I am tired of characters being referred to as “The Chosen One” because it demeans all of the other characters making them less important.

You're chosen... in that roundabout sort of way...

The trope establishes a hierarchy of importance amongst characters thus eliminating the possibilities of character studies and explorations in heed of typical plot structure.  Aka:

The Chosen One:

  1. Has no idea of their power
  2. Is discovered by someone knowledgeable
  3. Their mentor trains them in preparation for their important role
  4. The mentor may often be ripped away too soon forcing them to learn on their own
  5. In the aftermath, they lose sight of themselves and question their role
  6. Someone takes advantage of them causing them to flirt with evil
  7. They realize their true potential
  8. They accept their fate
  9. They succeed

And all the world will turn to Ash...

Now, I will admit, this trope is goddamn accessible.  It also creates some iconic characters that are easy to latch onto.  Plus, some creators have managed to make other characters nearly as interesting as “The Chosen One”.  Nevertheless, the trope is a cop out for writers and creators who do not feel like putting as much time and effort into creating characters with depth over time.  The prophesy is the fastest way for attention, but also the fastest way to dull the characters themselves.

STAB STAB suckah

Plus, the trope has bleed into reality when sports stars are often referred to as “The Chosen One”.  Sure, we get that all other players are going to be compared to this guy for years to come, but god didn’t handpick this guy just to play fucking basketball which is a fucking sport!  The game gets played no matter what for entertainment.  If Lebron James is the chosen one, I don’t give a fucks sake.


For a decent resource for fictional Chosen One(s) check out this Chosen One Trope Site.



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10 08 2010


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