1000 Things We Hate #95: Fire Cop Out

11 08 2010

I love fire.  Playing in the camp fire as a kid was a type of secret pleasure that my parents were wary of.  But, fire does not automatically make everything better.

I recently got addicted to America’s Got Talent and became annoyed that when the judges wanted something bigger and more badass the contestants just decided to light something on fire.  The most notable of this was Nick Pike.

He jumped through a few hoops and did some dives, wahoo!  Hopefully you understand my sarcasm and how un-wahoo worthy that is.  Yes, I can’t jump through hoops but there are tons of people that can.  And lighting everything on fire doesn’t suddenly make it cool.

Fire can't make Robert Pattinson hot either.

Fire provides a danger factor which might get a few bonus points but overall it’s momentary excitement is overused.

Another example of both my TV obsession and hate of overused fire cop outs can be found in Cake Boss.  In the show a customer wants a Tiki themes cake so Buddy, the head cake designer, decides to put a medal tube through the cake for a fire breather to breath through.  It sounds kinda cool and the cake did turn out cool but the presentation of it was half-assed.  A fire breather gives two puffs of fire through a cake…boring.  Plus, the liquid he swallowed was spat all over the cake.  I want cake not spit.

This looks stupid no matter the fire.

Marketers add the ‘fire’ label to things just to make them more impressive but often it doesn’t make sense.Is the Pepsi spicy? This just makes me super irritated.

Fire does make a lot of things cooler, but it’s not a guarantee.  If you’re doing something lame it will be lame no matter what.  If it’s a stupid product it will always be pretty stupid.



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