1000 Things We Hate #98: No Warning Bike Pass

10 09 2010

Listen up, fuckers!  I fucking want to take a goddamn stick and shove it into your spokes to watch you flip over your handlebars and slam your fucking un-helmet-ed head into the ground.  This simple impulse can be solved if you just let me know that you’re goddamn coming.

The situation could easily be resolved with a “passing on your left/right,” “pardon me,” “excuse me,” or a ringing of a bell.  Otherwise, I’m stuck hearing someone going really fucking fast behind me wondering “Holy shit!  Am I about to die death-by-bike style?”

Now, I was raised to believe that it was common decency to make someone aware of me coming up behind them briskly.  It seems only natural to want to avoid crashing and injuring yourself let alone another person.  I mean, I think I’ve done my math right or something.

Sure, some cities have combated this ridiculous atrocity by creating both a bike lane and a walker lane.  This is genius, but it is rarely found near the bike hubs (colleges and parks) of cities like Tacoma.  Instead, you get fuckers who resist using the bike lanes on roads and instead decide to grace you with their presence on the FUCKING SIDEWALK.  DICKS!

Now, I may just be grumpy because I think I have food poisoning from drinking 2 month old orange juice, but still!

It’s a simple, nice thing to do.  So why do fuckers not do it!?



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10 09 2010
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