1000 Things We Hate #99: Not Wearing Helmets

10 09 2010

You fucking hipster shit...

As previously just implied, wearing a helmet is awesome while not wearing them IS FUCKING DUMB.

This is another one of those things that I just don’t understand.  Wearing helmets is proven to save your fucking life.  According to Helmets.org, in 2008 alone, 91% of the deaths were from people who were not wearing helmets.

On top of that, numerous studies have gone on to prove the effectiveness of wearing a helmet.  They prevent head injuries, dumbasses.  So, then, you know, you may not be paralyzed or something.


A year-ish ago, I worked at a bicycle convention for Specialized Bikes in Utah.  It was pretty awesome, and I worked the Road Demo booth giving out pairs of bicycle shoes for the dealers to use.  Over at Mountain Demo, there were a shit ton of injuries.  The worst one involved a woman who fell over onto some rocks and bashed her helmet in.  She ended up needing to be airlifted by helicopter to the hospital in Utah for fear of some internal bleeding.  The next day, she was back at work (although a little woozy).  Had she not been wearing that helmet, she would have been dead.

Not wearing much of anything

So, putting it all together, it seems simple to me that you should wear a helmet.  Yes, I understand that it may ruin your hair, you may like to feel the wind rushing on your face and hair, it’s cumbersome to carry a helmet with you everywhere, they don’t look so cool, the chin straps are uncomfortable, or it just all around constricts you, but when that thing can save your life by just simply taking the 10 seconds to put it on for that half a mile you ride it on, then it is totally worth it.

tsk tsk cute girl, now your face is going to get smashed in like an empty beer can

So, live and learn: wearing a helmet is the inherently smart thing to do.



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28 07 2011

Well, then… I strongly advise you to never visit the Netherlands. The only people wearing bike helmets there are clueless German tourists who prefer stopping in the middle of the bike path to check their map to getting the fuck out of the way.

18 08 2011
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[…] Surprisingly, I didn’t almost get hit for the first time in a century.  Plus, like always, I wore my helmet.  Anyway, I’m riding along this gigantic hill near South Tacoma Way (after nearly flying […]

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