1000 Things We Hate #109: Joker Costumes

3 11 2010

Oh Messy Kitchen Practice

For the sake of having a short, nicer title, I abbreviated my real version being:


If you ever go out Halloween-ing, whether that be as a child or an adult, with costumes involved, you are more than likely GUARANTEED to run into that one guy who thought “oh golly gee, that was a good film – he’s creepy – but I like him – TIME TO DRESS UP LIKE HIM!”

Now, I understand that this stems from the Heath Ledger craze which is partly understandable because he was a decent actor and got an Oscar BUT HE’S DEAD.

Cleanin’ his teeth!

Now, I would presume that this is an awkward and hard costume to put together.  It requires a lot of pieces.  I mean, he was crazy as balls, but that Joker sure was a nice dresser!  So, there’s a lot to get, but the general feel is kind of easy to acquire.  Plus, I mean… good god!  That make up must take forever.

So, I’m not docking any points from the people who spend all their time (and money) to make the costume.

Looking stale and unoriginal isn’t limited to men, either!

HOWEVER, I am bitching that they should be spending their time and money (if at all) on a Costume that is more original and not such a cop out.

Plus, I’m just tired of seeing this costume.  I know, I know… This trend is not going to die any time soon.  I’m just tired of people trying to be creepy but it not working because of how ridiculous they look.  This is not a Chris Nolan film however much you want it to be (yay! let’s advocate torture!).

So, please, end this ridiculous charade.

No more fat guys in bad masks, either!



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