1000 Things We Hate #110: Ice in Face

4 11 2010

Follow the steps to disaster:

1) You’re chatting with a friend while sitting down at a restuarant

2) The kind waiter fills up your water glass

It only looks perfectly innocent.

3) You’re dying of thirst because you’ve been talking so much and reach for the glass

4) As the glass is tilted the ice seems to stay at the bottom of the cup

5) Bam!  The ice cascades forward hitting your nose and spilling water all over your chin

6) Highly embarrassed you wipe your face but the water has blotched your shirt.  Now you must wait at least 5 minutes for the proof of your sloppiness to dry.  You are a fool no matter if your friend comments on it of not.  And no, having a wet shirt does not make you have nice tits.

Sorry average viewer, it's never going to happen.

Sadly, you are just a fool with a wet shirt.

What’s the solution to this problem and embarrassment?  First, you could transform into one of those people who doesn’t get embarrassed or give a damn about what others think.  But, this is hard for the majority of us.  Therefore, I guess you could always get water without ice.

Does having no ice really make you this graceful of a drinker?

However, not only will most waiters not conform to this but warm water is disgusting.  It’s almost as disgusting as this:

I usually try to opt for a straw if possible, but if you’re at a really fancy restaurant this seems a little childish.  Therefore, I guess the only option is to try to be a smooth drinker and deal with the horror of ice in the face when it comes.



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