1000 Things We Hate #114: Cat Ear Headbands

12 11 2010


Cat ears on humans are ridiculous… unless they’re actual cat ears, and then that’s just cruel.

I feel like this phenomenon is somehow directly tied to the Japanese.  What, with anime and all.  I mean, really, this trend (excluding the cop out Halloween costume idea at the last moment) finds its calling amongst slightly pudgy anime-freaks that desperately crave attention.  It’s frustrating… FRUSTRATING.

The typical lips puckered face along with a monstrosity on the head.

Whenever I see people with Cat Ear headbands, I really just feel like grabbing them (person included) and shoving them into a wood chipper Fargo style.  Okay, that’s not true, but you should catch my (sea) drift.

This is from an actual webcam show... kinky?

My opinion falls drastically of the person when I spot the cat ears out of the corner of my eye… and it’s not like they typically had much going for them anyway.

Even worse, this trend has entered the realm of fashion!  I mean, I’ve always thought that fashion takes one step forward and two steps back (Michael Jackson moonwalking, of course) in terms of ridiculous ideas.  But, this tops it:


First off, these bathing suit dress things are ridiculous.  And, is she wearing a towel vest!?  WHAT!?  These cat ears look more like pygmy tarsier ears just a little larger and closer together.  If I met fashion, face to face, in the street I WOULD BEAT THE SHIT OUT OF IT [not really, I’m hardly an adversary with my skinny, frail body] AND THEN KICK IT IN THE METAPHORICAL BALLS.  Because, quite frankly, Cat Ears aren’t fashion, they are pure mental retardation.

I think that proves my point.

Keep them where they belong!

Oh, and by the way.  I’m sitting right next to a girl who wears them in the library AS I TYPE THIS.



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