1000 Things We Hate #115: Texting in the Same Room

14 11 2010

Yay competitions!

Now, there are a few ways to approach this 1000 Things We Hate.  The first, and most obviously painful one is when someone texts you and you are in the same exact fucking room as them.  The second, when you and whomever you’re with are texting simultaneously to different people.  Or, as the above photo illustrates, texting in the same room FOR COMPETITIONS.

So, let’s start with the obvious.  I would like to share an anecdote, and I apologize to the person in case they read this, but it made me fucking furious.  I was over at a friend’s place watching The Darjeeling Limited.  Now, when someone invites me over to watch a movie, I expect to actually watch the movie.  I know, I know, weird logic, right?  I mean, I’ll occasionally make a snide remark within the first 15 minutes of a movie or, if I’ve seen the movie before, drop a subtle hint or “watch for this” to someone.  But, usually I just shut up.  Anyway, so we’re watching the movie, but everyone else aside from me isn’t really watching it but talking over the top of it.  Now, granted, my headache was really bad that night so I was not in a good mood.  Nevertheless, I get a text from someone in the very same room asking if I was mad at them.  Seriously!?  What the fuck!?  Of course I’m going to be mad at you even if I wasn’t before because you just did something really fucking stupid.  Way to waste my time, and if I didn’t have unlimited texting, I would have been pissed.  So, naturally I responded with a snide remark and continued watching the movie wishing everyone would shut up or that I could go home.

That’s the primary concern over texting in the same room, but there’s a couple less serious crimes.

Rock it Miley, you always do

It’s not that big of a deal, but it definitely weirds me out: texting while you’re with someone else.  I feel like it’s this secretive endeavor that you’re conspiring against the person as you text away.  Especially with me when I take a painstakingly long amount of time with my proper punctuation and refusal to abbreviate/bastardize the English language.

You kind of just have to lean over and be like “Soooo, who are you talking to?” “Oh, just _____, they’re telling me about _____” “Oh, that’s great…”  I suppose it’s always just a bummer because the other person’s conversation via text isn’t as thrilling as you thought it could be.  Therefore, I hate it because it can be such a letdown.

Japanese school girls... stealing perverts' hearts one text at a time

Finally, I find it distressing that there are competitions for texting.  I understand, that you’re given a sentence and you have to text it as fast as possible before someone else does.  I live on the thrill of competition (“Hey, you want to race while skipping to the SUB!?”), but I just don’t understand why it has to be in the same room as others.  It just seems all around pointless.  Oh, here you go, good luck because the person next to you IS DOING THE SAME EXACT THING.

Overall, texting in the same room or area as someone is just distressing and pointless.  It breaks down the art of communication between people and emphasizes/forwards our inevitable downfall to machines as foretold by I, Robot.



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14 11 2010

And this drives me crazy. I hate when I am out to eat or hanging out with a friend and they randomly start talking mid-conversation. I mean I may not be that exciting, but people could be a little courteous.

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