1000 Things We Hate #116: Big Dogs Clothing

19 11 2010

Nothing shouts “I’m a Big, Giant DICK” than a Big Dogs shirt.

Motorcycles... the American Ruffland

First off, these shirts have terrible puns.  Like, incredibly terrible puns.  So bad that even I wince, and I FUCKING LOVE PUNS.

Second off, the majority of the shirts that are not based on spoofing popular culture in any terrible way happen to be incredibly misogynistic.

Oh busty blonde woman promoting inner-species relations

I have a major problem with this.  It’s one thing to constantly show an anthropomorphic dog doing all sorts of human things, and then it’s another when that dog (read White) being happens to be strong with a major attitude.  Then, that dog (White male) hits on white human females with giant Ts&A.

Therefore, the dog (White Male) is sexualized as the pursuer of women or the holder of the gaze, and that’s deemed way definitely okay by a T-Shirt company.

Also mentioned earlier, they have really bad spoofs on popular culture.  I know this one will get Lillian riled up.

Overall, the Big Dogs t-shirt brand forwards a conservative agenda focusing in on the reading of women as purely sexual objects.  They also support the traditional view of masculinity as the all-powerful decider who has attitude and knows how to keep everyone else in their place.  Also, take into fact that the shirts are often to be found on traditionally white men who, on a quite often occasion, happen to be slightly overweight and think that bad puns are humorous.

This attitude is solely meant to keep people in their place and not create a positive model for social behavior and acceptance.

So, that’s why I REALLY FUCKING HATE Big Dogs t-shirts.



2 responses

19 11 2010

What *&%$ing idiot thinks they can disgrace Digimon like that and get away with it. Are they on crack?! Do they really intend to insult us Digimon lovers like that? I demand a boycott!
*&%^ YOU!

26 10 2011
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