1000 Things We Hate #120: Single Sided Paper Printing

1 12 2010

Half of it is wasteful

So, here’s the little environmentalist in me screaming out: I hate wasting paper.  The worst part that really gets me is when my computer at the library is set to single-sided printing without me knowing (default is duplex), and then I go to print it only to come out with single-sided wastefulness.  Nothing screams “HUGE DICK!” in the library than doing this.

Sure, sure, you can go to the stock argument that “you’re killing trees, you bastard!” but I believe it is much deeper than that.  It’s that you put so much effort into going through the motions of printing, and then the goddamn printer tricks you because you thought the default was duplex.  THIS IS A WAR AGAINST MACHINES.  I mean seriously, fuck the environment (I DO NOT REALLY MEAN THIS, really!), what we have here is the machine overriding the man.  Surely, the trees are a third party in this war.

So really, you’re just “slappin’ that bitch up, gurl” when you finally win by printing duplex.  It teaches the machine that you are all powerful.  It’s just happenstance that you manage to save paper in the process.

So really, if you want to save some people a lot of trouble and stick it to machines, then print duplex.




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