1000 Things We Hate #123: 21 and Over Concerts

12 12 2010

So, I’m already 21.  Therefore, this no longer applies to me.  However, this is for all of you below 21ers who can’t come with me to shows.

If I’m going to a concert, I’m not going to drink.  So, the whole idea of a 21 and over show is frustrating.  Granted, I understand that some people may want to drink.  And, on one hand not all venues are alcohol-free meaning that many bands are forced to play 21 and over shows.

Nevertheless, nothing beats the disappointment of one of your favorite bands coming into town and you not being able to see them because it’s 21 and Over.  Also, if you can see them and you’re the oldest one in your class, then who’s going to come with you?  Dilemma after Dilemma.

Plus, the venues that do serve alcohol tend to be a bit more intimate than some of the bigger stages/venues.  They also tend to be surprisingly more friendly depending on who’s playing.

Case in point: I went and saw Breathe Owl Breathe (one of my favorite bands ever with a song that my cat’s name derives from – Sabretooth) with Michaela.  It was a really great show with a lot of intimacy with the band and the crowd.  I also had a very interesting conversation with a drunk guy while we were both pissing into a trough.  Anyway, had I been born one week later I would not have been able to go to this show.  This would have broken my heart.  BROKEN IT.

Yes, I understand the practicalities of 21 and over shows, but that doesn’t make them sting any less.

So, now the rest of you are just stuck going to Jonas Brothers shows.



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