1000 Things We Hate #124: Digimon/Pokemon Confusion

19 12 2010

I’ve already stated my love for Digimon and Pokemon therefore my hatred when they’re confused is understandable.  My hate began a few days ago as I was searching eBay for Digimon related gifts I might want to buy myself for my birthday.  I found this under the title Digimon Agumon Plush Childrens Slippers Size 2-3 Mint.

This is a Charmander, dumbass!

First of all, Agumon and Charmander are semi-main characters in their respective shows and should be recognizable to some of the general public.  Plus, if you’re selling an item you had better do your research so you’re not lying to your buyers.  The picture is probably a fake and the real product is tattered and gross.  But, that’s not even the worst part: take a closer look at the picture.  It says Pokemon right on the tag!  Why would you put Digimon in the name of item and not Pokemon like the label says?!  The answer: you’re an idiot.

Digimon and Pokemon are both tiny, mostly animal like creatures with superpowers and human companions but they’re still very different from each other.

1 ) Pokemon can’t talk (except for Meowth) but Digimon can.

2 ) Digimon aren’t truly “living.”  Pokemon die (though they merely faint in battles) but a Digimon’s data is recycled and born again.

3 ) There are evil Digimon (usually virus types) that are generally aggressive, fight over territory, and/or try to conquer the digital world.  Pokemon are mostly good or those that have fallen into a path of evil have done so at the command of their trainers.

4 ) Pokemon evolve to a fixed form while Digimon can digivolve, with the help of a human, as much as they want.

5 ) Pokemon are either wild or stored in Pokeballs; all Digimon roam free.

6 ) Digidestineds help their digimon fight evil Digimon to make the digital world a better place; Trainers train their Pokemon to fight for sport and glory.  The storylines are very different for these reasons.

7 )  Pokemon animation is usually sleek but simple.  Digimon is detailed but excessive.  For example:

8 ) Digimon are more likely to be equipped with machinery, guns, and other digital type equipment.

9 ) Pokemon are from earth while Digimon are from another world.

10) Nearly everyone has a Pokemon while to be a Digidestined and have a Digimon is rare.

Sadly, this isn't real.

There really is a large difference between Digimon and Pokemon so people should get a clue before they confuse them let alone try to sell something on eBay.  It would sure make my surplus of hate decrease.

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28 12 2010

one more thing. pokemon story is tooooooooo shallow…. but in digimon there is more good story with serious effects!

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