1000 Things We Hate #126: The Tramp Stamp

19 12 2010

What’s the most common and worst placement for a tattoo?  The lower back.  It makes the wearer seem trashy; hence, the Tramp Stamp.

If I was to get another tattoo (ask me about my first one some time, it’s quite the funny story), it would definitely not be in the Tramp Stamp-y area.  First of all, I’m a guy, and that area has been seemingly locked down for men (despite an example later otherwise).  Second of all, it’s just unseemly.  For some reason, I believe butts are much more attractive in pants than in full viewing.  They’re just too exposed.  Primarily, I’m most weirded out by the beginning of butt cracks.  Sometimes it’s cute, but other times it’s just strange.  The Tramp Stamp draws attention downward near the butt which is just plain odd and startling.

So classy!

What are some of the most common Tramp Stamps!?  Well, let’s list them:

  • The Butterfly
  • The Tribal
  • The Heart
  • The Text (great phrase or memorial)
  • The Flower
  • Any Combination thereof




Also, strangely, as mentioned in an earlier post, Tramp Stamps and Whale Tails seem to go terribly well with one another:

Thanks Raven!



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