1000 Things We Hate #127: The Marvel Sash

19 12 2010

While reading comics over the summer and looking at various images for the Super HeroiHOT feature, I came across a strange trend over at the Marvel office.

Interestingly, four of Marvel’s top female characters happened to have a very similar clothing item that served absolutely no purpose.  I would like to call this “The Marvel Sash.”

As you can see in the above image, Psylocke happens to have a red sash across her hips/lower midriff.  As discussed in the previous post for Super HeroiHOT, Psylocke’s costume is pretty goofy.  But, at least the color seems right for a ninja assassin.  Then, ALL OF A SUDDEN, there’s this bright red sash tied around her hips.  I’m not sure if Psylocke has suddenly decided to become a tad bit more modest or what.

Continuing on the red train, you can see once again a sash appearing with Elektra.  Now, granted, this one seems the most practical out of all of the sashes to keep the dress/drape-thing in line EXCEPT IT’S NOT.  As in, really how practical is it to have fabric trailing you for about 3 feet that anyone could grab at any time and put you at a disadvantage.  Once again, the artists’ idea of flow-y things being pretty and more fun to draw obviously wins out over reason.  I mean, seriously, Elektra’s the most deadliest assassin in the Marvel Universe, doesn’t that mean that she’s always prepared and doesn’t flaunt her skill – gets the job done without any fuss?

Jean Grey comes in to further demonstrate the uselessness of the sash.  Thankfully, her’s actually fits her color palette rather than suddenly showing up (Psylocke) or being part of the same terrible color scheme (Elektra).  Hell, there’s even a cute little pin in the shape of a phoenix on the side.  Nevertheless, it really does not seem necessary other than to break apart the costume a little better.  However, I have to hand it to this one because it’s the most visually pleasing costume and shows less skin.  It’s sleek and nice… BUT THERE’S STILL THAT GODDAMN USELESS SASH.

Wrapping things up, Ms. Marvel shows once again the impracticality of the sash.  Like Psylocke, the color choice seems rather sudden.  Here’s all this red when it’s a black and yellow theme.  Understandably, they changed the color so she didn’t look like a hornet because, quite frankly, that’s The Wasp’s field.  This one’s actually in a knot so that makes some sense.  Still, the whole idea of slightly covering up for modesty seems ridiculous when she’s wearing a one piece bathing suit.

Now, I understand, it’s superhero comics!  However, this is a disturbing trend when four out of Marvel’s top female line up happen to have sashes.  It’s like the ideas ran out: “hey, you know… we need to throw somethin’ in here to add some extra spice…” “Oh! I know, I know! A SASH!” “Yeah… that sounds right… that sounds fantastic!”  It’s an impractical line up that only functions to be visually pleasing but serves no other purpose.  If I was a woman and determined to fight crime with my super powers (or skills), I would not randomly tie a sash across my stomach.  Partially because I don’t have jutting hips to keep it up.  Really, it seems like this would just completely get in the way of everything.  It seems like a cop out for artists wo can’t draw that different of facial features – just poses and flow-y shit.

If any of you readers happen to find another character who utilizes this design feature, then let me know.  I would be especially interested if it happens at DC at all.


A big shout out to Illyana Rasputin from Comic Vine who pointed out that Mr. Sinister also has a Marvel Sash.  Yet another character added to the enclave.  Funny enough, the sash is the least garish thing about his outfit!

The Immortal Iron Fist was also suggested by ForbushBug.  Look at him, all yellow and greened out riding that wave of 70s martial arts sensationalism!



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