1000 Things We Hate #128: Toothpaste in Sink

24 12 2010

There are two things that are absolutely disgusting when in a sink: hair and toothpaste.  Loose hair in general is disgusting but in a bathroom sink it’s a little unavoidable.  However, globs of toothpaste in the sink is just rude.

It looks like there’s a little bubble of spit, too!

The housemate whom I share a bathroom with gets on my nerves for several reasons but her disregard of bathroom cleanliness has to be near the top of the list.  Of all her disgusting bathroom tendencies leaving toothpaste in the sink is the second worst.

For starters, isn’t it super simple to wash the toothpaste down the drain and avoid the issue in general?  But, most people are too lazy to do that.  They’d rather blatantly ignore the bright blue glob and go about their business.  That ten seconds of time saved destroys the aesthetic appeal of the bathroom.  Also, the next time someone washes their hands they have to worry about accidentally brushing against the toothpaste – imagine how many germs have collected in the time it’s been sitting there.  Or all the spit that has collected near or on it.

It is also not uncommon to drop a brush, ponytail, or etc in the sink; if any of these hit the toothpaste you get an automatic “ewww” and “damn” at having to clean it.  Plus, since it likely wasn’t your toothpaste spiteful emotions arise about whoever left it.

In the end, toothpaste in the sink is disgusting.  Don’t do it or you’ll get hated.

Toothpaste never looks this good.



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