1000 Things We Hate #129: Hair Clogs

27 12 2010

Over the last few days, I’ve been taking showers with miniature baths for my feet.  This stems from a fairly clogged drain.  So, naturally, I ignore it for as long as possible until it finally reaches my ankles during my shower today.

I thought, “Okay, okay, I’ll clean this shit up.”  I whipped out my Phillips Head screwdriver, and removed the stopper thing above the drain.

I was greeted with this:

Just the thought of touching it makes me want to gag.

Our repulsiveness with hair has been well documented here.  It just really bothers me when it’s not attached to someone’s head.  Once it falls off, it becomes revolting.

So, I grabbed my pliers and began pulling away at the hair in the drain (I am seriously gagging with the thought of this).  The hair is not just any normal hair to be pulled out.  The hair is a nasty combination of soap scum, pubes, and hair from your head.  And, it is all wrapped together in a brownish-gray mass (I really am about to throw up).

That's one hell of a clean up.

Finally, after digging thoroughly amongst the drain, I end up with a pile of hair much akin to the one above.  Seriously, no one has probably done this for over a year.  This is the type of mess that even Drano cannot fix.  While nearly throwing up, I briskly grabbed the hair and threw it into the garbage.  It now waits at the top of the garbage every time I’ve had to go pee today… staring at me with its beady eyes.

Now, it unfortunately makes complete and utter sense that this would happen.  If there wasn’t that little piece preventing all of the hair go down, then it would all get clogged up in your drain system and you would be shelling out a lot of money to clean it up once a year.  Sure, this is only a temporary solution, but it fucking sucks no matter what.  This is more vile than cleaning piss stains on the sides of toilets.  It is possibly more vile than a shitload of other things like going to church or something.

This is the only clog I want in my drain.



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