1000 Things We Hate #132: Salty Sweat

21 01 2011

This is part one of my hate against sweat, by the by.  Here’s Part Two.

After my debilitating relationship with technology, I have recognized that I better fucking get angry at some more shit and type it out.

Let’s begin with a bit of a story:

Yesterday, I was beginning part two of my return to the gym.  Over winter break I had not gone to the gym because I did not know the hours for students (nevertheless, I kept up on my ab and push up regime).  And yes, students get free gym rights which basically kicks ass (even if it’s a little gym).  Anyway, I like to start off with a little bit of an aerobic exercise on a bike to get my blood flowing and my muscles remembering what it feels like to move before I stretch.  After I stretch, I like to do my ab workouts on a pad and then do some pull ups.  Then I go and systematically work my way through the resistance machines (One: I’m a pussy and most importantly Two: It’s safer to use resistance machines than to lift weights, in my opinion) getting a little bit of everything done.

Now, there’s the unwritten (or, in some cases, written) rule that after you’re done using a machine, you use a little spray solution and wipe the pads down.  That way, when the next person comes, there isn’t a sweaty seat or pad for them to come to.  It’s just considerate not to swap sweat with other people.  Sure, sweat is just water and salt and some other stuff.  So, it’s not entirely bad to get a little bit of someone’s sweat on you, but it just does not sound realistically appeasing.

Weird and kind of gross

What can be disgusting is when people do not wipe off their sweat – this is my main complaint.  The sweat – given time – evaporates only to leave a salty film across the pads or seat for the next person to gawk at.  This is fucking disgusting and frankly disturbing.  Sure, I know other people use these machines – this isn’t my private gym – but, seriously, couldn’t you at least consider not leaving your disgusting remnant residue hiding in plain sight.  Be respectful.  Otherwise, I’m going to fucking cut you.



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