1000 Things We Hate #133: Sweat Stains

21 01 2011

Here we return for part two of my hate against sweat.  Check out Part One here.

Yum Yum

Let’s reflect back for a little bit:

I was a young teen ready to hit high school with hair down to my shoulders.  I happened to be on the middle to end side of the first front of puberty.  My voice cracked, I gained some acne (which, far from as bad, persists to this day), and I liked touching girls inappropriately.  However, this adolescent rampage of hormones came at a cost.  The summer between 8th grade and Freshmen year of High School was a terror to behold.  The reason?  I was one sweaty son of a bitch.

Granted, I lived in Central Oregon – the land of the High Desert – where the heat reached 102º on some occasions.  Dry heat seems to be tolerable in the realm of hotness – I mean, imagine if this was in the east where it’s all humid and shit.  That would have sucked.

Nevertheless, I had a couple of white shirts.  By the end of the summer, these shirts were unwearable.  That yellowy, mucus colored debacle seeping and staining from underneath my arms screamed embarrassment and, by god, I was embarrassed.  Which, is pretty impressive because it takes a lot to embarrass me.  I suppose part of the problem is the uncontrollable nature of your body sweating.  I mean, you’re fucking hot and your body has to compensate somehow.  As much as I ran around in my boxers during the summer, I could not shake the heat off.

I believe in America too.

Now, however embarrassing sweating is, it does have some benefits.  Like pumping gas, it is a great equalizer.  Everyone sweats.  And, on occasion, some of this sweat shows.  However, it is sometimes hard to come to terms with this fact.  It is deeply embedded in our culture to be shocked by the pronouncement of sweat oozing out of pores.  Therefore, most of the problem and hate about sweat comes from yourself because of “how might other people think of me?”  Sure, this sucks, but it’s our cultural life.

Delicately hidden yet just as scary

Things do not seem like they’re about to change.  And, I don’t expect you to come to terms with your sweat.  Our bodies are gross and disturbing things and sometimes it’s hard to live with them.  And this is just another case of attempting to smack on a shitload of cover up (antiperspirant deodorant anyone?) in order to prevent yourself from shame.



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21 01 2011
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