1000 Things We Hate #136: Itchy Kayak Knees

7 02 2011

So, this is a relatively small hate, but one that I have been considering for awhile.  Yes, it is also very specific to a certain group of people.  In river kayaking, you wear these things called skirts.  In the above picture, it is the black item wrapped around the waste of the person that connects to the boat.  Basically, the purpose of the skirt is to keep water out of your hull.  Because, well, if water were to get into it, then you would be in a shit ton of luck.

Overall, the skirt is quite useful.  Even more useful when you flip over in your kayak and roll to get back up or get T-rescued.  Those are the primary instances where you would get quite a large amount of water into your boat, but, instead, you just get a little (from where the skirt attaches to you around your waist.

The frustrating thing about kayak skirts is that it prevents you from touching your legs.  On top of that, your legs are in a relatively locked position as they sit relatively straight out in front of you towards the end of the boat.  Now, here’s where the hate comes in.  It seems that whenever I get into one of these boats I go through an itching episode.  At one point I’ll feel like my knee is going to die unless I scratch out that itch.  Or, my crotch is not communicating with my swim trunks as they rise higher.  The best I can do is take off my skirt and scratch or readjust myself.  However, this means I have to put my skirt back on which can be a difficult process.

Hot girls do not have to contend with itchy knees...

So, nothing major – just one of those little hates that you have floating around.  Itchiness seems to be a common problem with people, in general.  So, it’s always good to address.



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25 07 2011
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