1000 Things We Hate #141: Cell Phones in Class

10 02 2011

Oh golly gee!

That MGMT song blasts from the corner of the room “ELECTRIC FEEL NOW…” Everyone turns, everyone stares, everyone slowly shakes the heads (if only in their minds).  Or, you hear that low buzz from someone’s backpack or pocket.

We all try to ignore the fact that nearly everyone is shoveling a cell phone around them these days, but it can be a fairly unsuccessful activity when it constantly disrupts our waking life.  Point in case, the classroom.

The classroom is the communal place where we go to learn.  So, it’s a little upsetting when that learning is disrupted at least once a week by someone’s misuse of technology.

Now, I can understand the thing being an accident or when the person specifically tells the teacher or professor that they’re expecting an emergency phone call, but, when the phone is a constant disruption, it can get fairly annoying.

The worst offenders are those who blatantly use their phones usually through texting while they are in that confined space known as the classroom.

Come on, it’s obvious you’re doing it.  Crouched behind your desk with papers over your hands.  Awkward twisting of the body to get both hands onto your phone.  Occasionally stretching to show that your hands are free.  I mean, come on,  your head is looking down the whole time!  It’s not that hard to play guesswork.

Interesting occurrences can be found here.  Here’s also the accompanying image which I had to include for the sake of the whale tail:


It is just so disrespectful to take your regular life and bring it into the classroom because it disrupts your place of learning.  I come to school to learn and participate in a great environment.  Now, mind you, I shell out a decent chunk of change to be here.  High school’s mostly free so a blatant disregard for learning and the intense focus on a personal life comes to be expected.  But, seriously, in college?  You’re paying money to go to school and to text.  Something just doesn’t add up.

I become judgy-McJudgmental when I see someone texting in class.  Sure, the class may be really fucking boring, but that is such an obvious way to show your disregard for the teacher.

Anyway, I feel like I’m beating around the bush.  Cell phones in class can be a major distraction and disrupt the flow of the learning period of the class.  So, please just get it together.



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