1000 Things We Hate #144: Profile Pic ADD

27 02 2011

There’s something frightening about people who change their profile pics on a near weekly (some daily) basis.  I find that I am always frustrated when I see someone with a new icon and I have to look at it thinking, “Oh, I wonder which friend this is!” only to discover that it’s that one person that I do not care to talk to.  They have thoroughly caused me to waste my time by piquing my interest.  Shame on them.  Shame.

Now, I understand the need to change your profile pic.  Sometimes it is good for change.  Nevertheless, I have a hard time facially recognizing someone unless I have a familiar image to work from.  I do not have that great of a visual memory.  It’s like they’re outlines but not fully fledged images.

So, I’m the type of person who maybe changes their profile pic, at most, 20 times a year.  However, I haven’t changed mine currently since mid December.  Actually there’s a batch of pictures coming from last night with one of them probably ending up as my profile pic.

I feel like changing your profile pic nearly every day is quite cumbersome for the person doing it and everyone else.  It causes a lot of issues.

On the flipside, not changing your profile pic after a year or so is rather misleading.  However, it’s much easier to recall someone than the alternative.  Plus, it probably cuts down on face-stalkers.

So, let’s keep the profile pic changing to a reasonable amount because I frankly can’t follow you otherwise.

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