1000 Things We Hate #147: Facebook Birthdays

18 03 2011

We have talked about facebook a lot here here here and here.  Most of them have been hates, but no matter what facebook gets a lot of time devoted to it.  But, in all honesty, it should.  Facebook has now become an integrated part of most of our lives.  I know many of my college friends check it at least once a day or, if that’s not true, once a week.

So, I have had facebook stalkers.  Therefore, my privacy settings are VERY high.  Nevertheless, my friends can see my birthday.  However, they cannot see it in my profile.  So, I’m not sure if it actually comes up when it is my birthday.  I think so, but I’m not sure.

Anyway, when you’re cruising your news feed you can take a glance over to the side under events.  At this point, Facebook will advertise everyone’s birthday for that day.  Now, I hate this.  First of all, it makes it seem like YOU’RE REQUIRED to comment on their page.  I have an issue with this because it thus makes wishing a happy birthday to someone fairly meaningless because you did NOTHING to remember it on your own.  You just had a little piece of technology tell you when it is and you simply write to them “happy birthday [insert something witty or a few exclamation points].”  Second of all, your happy birthday becomes even more meaningless because EVERYONE ELSE IS DOING IT.  You simply become part of a crowd of lazy internet dweebs.

So how does that make you stand out?  It doesn’t.  You really have to go traditional and make their birthday special IN REAL LIFE.  However, it seems that Facebook has become a poor substitute for real life.  For Shame.

Nevertheless, you can still see me posting comments away being a hypocrite and blending in with the crowd.  Woops.



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