1000 Things We Hate #148: Glee

18 03 2011

When the first episode of Glee aired after American Idol’s season finale, I thought it was awful.  The characters were underdeveloped and the song choices were average.  Hence, I did not start watching it until half way through the first season many months later.  To my surprise, the show wasn’t half bad.  The characters still needed a lot of work but it was worth the 42 minutes of my time.  But, that was only the first season.

Frankly, the show shouldn’t have continued on to a second season; they needed to stop while they were ahead.  However, given that Glee is an ingenious show by combining television, music videos, and song sales (something worth applauding them for) and thereby grossing a huge income, it wasn’t going to stop.  They are going to run the show dry.

Problems with the Second Season:

The first season of Glee was all about Lea Michele and her amazing voice (I won’t question that she’s a good singer), therefore in the second season when they tried to expand their focus it should have been a good thing.  Yet, what came about was a mishmash of uncoordinated story lines; each episode having very little to do with the one before it.  The characterizations are inconsistent but the plot is predictable.  Additionally, most episodes try to fit in too much plot therefore causing a jumbled mess.

Problems in General:

1. What I hate most of all is that Glee is trying to shove their own morals down my throat while claiming to be open minded.  In the religious episode why is it that the gay kid is the only one that isn’t religious?  It’s like they’re saying that only those that aren’t accepted by God will deny him.  No, that’s wrong!  Plenty of people fit into a “model christian” archetype but still don’t believe in him.

Also, what was with that alcohol episode?  In the end I still don’t know whether they were scorning underage drinking or encouraging it.  All I really saw was a bunch of adults acting as teenagers getting drunk and having fun.  Plus, at the end of the episode everyone seemed to think that the fun they had getting drunk was worth the pain later and planning to continue drinking.  What utter inconsistency!

2. Glee is completely unoriginal.  All of their songs are songs that have already won numerous awards so of course they’re going to be good. There’s no challenge in that!

All Glee fans reading this are probably sending waves of hate in my direction right now because I haven’t mentioned that Glee is currently trying to do original songs.  But, after one episode of hearing those songs I feel like, once again, I haven’t seriously heard anything new.  It’s a mash-up of other great beats and lyrics.  I want something that is solely Glee.

3. Glee fans…gross.

Not the causal watchers but the die hard fanatics.  The girls that finally got bored fighting over Team Jacob vs Team Edward and decided to go to the next big thing.  These people annoy me.  Everyone has a right to their own opinion but when you start going around thinking your life revolves around seeing the next episode of Glee you’ve crossed the boundary to pitiful and pathetic.

Now, that I’ve sufficiently pissed off at least a quarter of my peers I’ll retract by saying I’ll still watch Glee.  I look forward to watching each episode, but I am completely disappointed once the 42 minutes are up.  I suppose I love to hate Glee and, like all bad habits, it’s hard to quit.




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14 06 2011

My god, I can’t stand Glee. I’m not exactly a literary connoisseur, but when confronted with the choice of Glee or say Animal Farm, George Orwell will always win.
It’s just so disgustingly clichéd and the majority of the songs aren’t even ones I particularly enjoy listening to.

9 07 2012
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