1000 Things We Hate #152: AlTeRnAtE TyPiNg

10 04 2011

“CaMpInG TrIp,” “FuN WiTh My GiRlS,” “EvErYoNe Is FuN,” “LoVe GoD.”  These are all examples of foolish behavior.  First off, those took me – like – 30 seconds to type.

Alternating typing seems to be something that most people would get over when they are 13 years old.  I suppose that it is meant to look kooky and cool and playful… but it screams two things out to me “CHILD PRODIGY” and “MENTALLY HANDICAPPED.”  I seem to side on the latter of the two.  Overall, using it has the effect of being a fool.  You look like you have too much time on your hands and should probably be stabbed with a capital letter into your fucking eye.  A letter key from a keyboard would be appropriate; an “h” would suffice.”

The whole process just seems really fucking ineffective.  As mentioned earlier, it’s very difficult to type that way.  Secondly, it’s incredibly difficult to read.  I feel like my mind has been put into a blender and put on the pulse setting with mushrooms and cheeseburgers thrown in there for good measure.

Overall, this behavior is just a shame to the human race past the age of 15.  I feel that once you get to high school this shit should stop.  BUT IT DOESN’T.  Why do you think I’m typing this?  One of my “friends” just used this on facebook for one of the titles to a photo album.  I think a lot less of her and imagine myself digitally peeing onto her pixel photos for retribution.

So, please, type effectively and correctly.  Otherwise, you just look like someone should sock you in the jaw… with an icepick.



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