1000 Things We Hate #154: The Lifespan of Daffodils

18 04 2011

Sweet Spring.  You are a welcome friend after the winter months.  Everything begins blooming and is robustly full of life.  It truly is a beautiful time of the year.  My favorite season is Autumn, but it is followed closely by Spring.  Sure, I enjoy opposite sides of the spectrum.  We have already, to some extent, covered flowers before here, but I want to draw special attention to the Daffodil today.

Daffodils seem to be one of the very first signs of the Spring season.  They’re typically the first flowers to come to fruition out of the Winter abyss.  You have so many varieties of the Narcissus flowers: some are white, others are little, there’s a hint of orange, and most are playfully painted with yellow.  Seeing a daffodil pop up for the first time during the first couple weeks of Spring should be a celebrated event (which, in fact, does happen in Tacoma with the Daffodil Parade).  What is not so worthy of celebration is the short time span that daffodils stick around.

Daffodils just do not stay around long enough.  Sometimes their lifespans can push a month or so, but, in most cases, they only last a couple of weeks.  They’re the first sign of Spring, but they also do not last that long.  Daffodils represent that glimmer of hope and goodness that erupts out of the Spring.  Sure, they are often accompanied by rain, but, on a sunny day, all negative feelings are calmed once you spot one of these flowers.  It seems a little unfair that these glimmering vestiges of hope seem to have one of the shortest lifespans out of the Spring flowers.  I want them to stick around, party a bit (DO NOT EAT ONE, THEY ARE POISONOUS (sort of)), and then spend the night.

It’s a shame that they dry up and die so fast.  They just remain dormant all year round for only a brief moment.  But, you have to admit, the first sign(s) of daffodils always bring you joy.  Thanks to Narcissus for dying and leaving these beautiful flowers behind.



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