1000 Things We Hate #157: Monday Excuse

9 05 2011

This is from a play... we're talking about real life here.

IT IS A FUCKING MONDAY.  We all feel this way as the week begins – it’s time to return to the monotony of our shitty lives.  Most of us will hate Mondays some of us (me!) enjoy getting back into the thick of things.  Sure, it’s sad to wave goodbye to the weekend behind us, but that is hard-fucking-real life.  So, you return to work, you sit in your seat, and you wait for death… or just the end of the day.

Nevertheless, you come to work to do a job.  This job is important because you allegedly get stuff done for the betterment (or in some professions (advertising) the worse-ment) of people.  You’re part of a machine and if you’re one clog off, then it comes falling apart.  You do not and should not forget the necessary skills to function at your job over the weekend.  Honestly, do you really feel like you forget proper phone etiquette in two days?  You may get sloppy due to your grumpy mood in coming back to your 5-day-a-week shithole, but that should not prevent you from effectively contributing to your job.

So what is this all leading to?  This talk of Mondays and good work ethic and sucking up the mental strain of hating your job and going back to work on a Monday?  Well, this leads to the “Monday Excuse.”

Basically, what happens is – such as my job as a receptionist at a student health clinic – someone makes one fluke-y mistake.  Instead of acknowledging that mistake by saying “my bad, I take responsibility for this” they go, “It’s a Monday… sorry!”  They effectively shove the blame off themselves onto a structure day of the week (time is all structured and relatively incoherent when you think about it… it’s all relative) and believe it’s a valid excuse.

-they drop something- “oh sorry, I’m so frazzled… it’s a Monday!”
-they fumble their words on the phone- “sorry, I’m just not here right now ’cause it’s a Monday!”
-they make a critical mistake- “oh woops… it’s a Monday!”

Work it like it's the 90s... and any other normal day.

So please, have some responsibility over your actions because a day of the week isn’t making the mistakes, you are.  And, you should have no excuse except for your own fallacies.



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11 11 2011
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