1000 Things We Hate #160: Hun

28 05 2011

Yay! Moms!

So, I work with a darling temp at my job.  She was brought in after one of my older friends was hired.  Luckily she fits in quite well with the atmosphere of the place.  However, she has a little issue with pet names.  When I say little, I mean big like… well… fake rapture big.  Basically, I’ll do something for her and she’ll be like “you’re so great honey!” and my black hole of a heart will freeze.  When I say freeze, I mean freeze like… well… fake rapture freeze.

Basically, I believe that she does not have a right to call me by a pet name.  I am there to do a job and she can tell me “thank you” or even a “thank you, Elliott.”  Basically, this revolves around me wanting to be called by my real name.  My parents gave me this name, I am proud of it, and I believe that they are the only ones allowed to call me by any sort of pet name (aside from my significant other).

Therefore, do not boil me down to purely a simple “hun” which is short for, I presume, “honey.”  I am not a sweet thing.  Have you tried to lick me?  I assume it’s not pleasant.

Would you lick Atilla the Hun, WOULD YOU!?

Why does she force this upon me?  It’s really fucking annoying.  Of course, every time I go to correct her on it it turns into a very inopportune time to do so – one in which it may embarrass her.  I’m trying to be friendly to my co-worker.  (Look!  I’m actually caring about someone’s feelings.)  Nevertheless, I really need to set her straight, because it is annoying the piss out of me.  Seriously, every time I go to take a piss I say “be right back!” and she replies “okay hun!”

I am cursed.



One response

31 05 2011

Interesting, I look at it pretty much the opposite. Have you seen how most people pick out names for their kids? Why should anyone be bound to forever live by the decision a couple of people they will likely never meet made when they were all giddy about a new baby.

Everyone should be able to make up whatever name they like for other people, as long as it is not overtly offensive.

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