1000 Things We Hate #161: T-Shirt Twins

30 05 2011

Watch out with that tongue thar'

Last year around when school started, I bought a v-neck shirt.  This was my first v-neck shirt and I was really excited to show off my sprinkle of chest hair.  It is black and grey striped and quite lovely looking.  Of course the other option was the same style just with a turquoise blue striped combo.  Of course, this other shirt according to myself and my mother looked way too gay.  I’m okay with looking gay, but this made me look fabulously gay which is not what I was looking for.  N-E-weigh, my sister and I decided to go to the Freshmen dance that they hold at school every year for the incomers.  We get  to the dance and I instantly spot another guy in the exact same t-shirt that I bought a week ago.  I was furious!  Obviously, I knew this may become a problem since I bought the shirt at Fred Meyers which is a fairly popular store in the Pacific Northwest.

Unfortunately for me, I kept on running into this guy.  It didn’t help that he seemed like a major douche, either.  The worst part was when we cornered each other in the bathroom.  We didn’t know what to do so I imagined myself punching him without actually in real life doing it.  In the end, it put a damper on my evening.

Having the same t-shirt as someone else can be fun like on Twin Day during school spirit week in grade school through high school.  It is, however, not so cool when it’s a complete stranger and you are in your 20s or onward.

Frankly, I cannot tell you how many people own the Communist Party shirt:

Every anti-hipster hipster must own this!

Sometimes, I’ll see someone with the same shirt as me (much more important than pants) and I imagine them having their larynx ripped out.  You know… whatever gets you through the day.

This whole issue is the reason why I made a handful of my own t-shirts a couple of years ago that will last me awhile.

There is an exception to this hate – band t-shirts.

Well, it’s not a complete exception, but I believe that when you have the same band t-shirt as someone else there’s something communal with it.  You can talk to them about the show you were at and how awesome (or terrible) it was.  So, there’s some bonding behind it.

Nevertheless, seeing someone in the same t-shirt like my newly loved but rarely used v-neck just makes me furious.  Furious enough to punch a hamster (lies!).

For more on twins, check out a Secret Pleasure about them.



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26 10 2011
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