1000 Things We Hate #166: Shuffling Feet

25 06 2011

Yesterday, I wore flip flops for the first time in nearly two years and I remembered why I hate it.  That stupid sound as the foam slaps against your foot.   It’s one of the most annoying things I’ve ever heard.


But, even worse is shuffling feet!  Seriously how hard is it to pick up your feet while walking.  The constant scraping of foot against floor is like sandpaper slowly ripping off my skin.  It’s disgusting and annoying.

If you drag your feet in front of me I’ll instantly hate you.  Even if you’re my friend I’ll still hate you even if it’s only for a few seconds.  I might even consider stepping on your heals just to piss you off as much as you’re pissing me off.

Plus, perhaps it’s just my imagination but the people who drag their feet are usually the skanky girls or punk boys.  Therefore, I’ve already began to judge you and the next step from judgement is hate.

The message of this post is pick up your feet!  It takes very little effort and will make people like you more.



One response

28 06 2011

I was so just thinking about this the other day.

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