1000 Things We Hate #167: Laugh Tracks

26 06 2011


I’m not one to usually laugh during movies or TV.  A lot of the time I get a wee bit annoyed at people who do so because then I can’t hear the next line and won’t know what’s going on.  But, realistically I can never stop (and I wouldn’t want to ruin the fun of) the people who do laugh.  BUT, laugh tracks are completely different!

Yes, apparently you can download a cd with the 10 most common laughs on it. Wow, sounds like fun.

Laugh tracks are disruptive and annoying.  Seriously, they’re all the exact same 3 laughs over and over and over and over and over again…

Most of the time I don’t even laugh when the track is playing.  Isn’t that supposed to be its purpose – get us to laugh more?  Or is it just to alert us to a joke the producers think we’re too stupid to catch on our own.

The worst thing about laugh tracks is that they’re on some of my favorite shows like That ’70s Show and The Big Bang Theory.  The first few episodes are such a pain to get through, but yes, you do eventually get used to it.  However, the quality of the show always goes down in my opinion.



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