1000 Things We Hate #168: Layovers

26 06 2011

Perhaps sometimes I’m a little clueless because when I saw that I had a flight to San Francisco at 6:00am and a flight to New Zealand at 9:45 I assumed this second flight was also in the am.  It’s not.  Therefore I have an 11 hour layover; it’s awful.

First, I embarrassed myself as I asked someone for help in finding the check-in counter.  They not so kindly pointed out that I’m far too early.  Plus, they didn’t even tell me where the counter actually is.  Whatever, I have 11 hours to find it.

Second, I didn’t pack any food because I knew they were feeding us on the New Zealand flight so I didn’t think I’d need any (also because my backpack is completely stuffed with other stuff).

Third, I’m by myself so I don’t want to venture out into town.

Fourth, I don’t want to spend any money because I’ll be doing enough of that in New Zealand.

Fifth, my backpack and laptop case straps are killing my sunburned shoulders so I don’t want to carry them around too much.

Sixth, it’s boring.

Airports themselves are hectic and crowded so it’s overwhelming to have such a long layover.  It’s only been 4 hours and I’ve already watched five episodes of That ‘70s Show, played numerous games of Spider Solitaire, posted on the blog, explored the flight museum and library, and browsed through most of the book stores.  Thankfully, I was told there is a ‘Reflection Room’ by a kind worker which is where I now sit.

In this ‘Reflection Room’ it is far quieter than everything outside and I get to overlook the airplanes.  It’s pretty nifty and could actually make this whole 11 hour layover not so bad. BUT, we’re not actually allowed to have electronics in here (I’m alone now so no one can see me breaking the rules) meaning there are no plug-ins and my battery will surely die.   You’re also not supposed to sleep, but I think I’ll do that anyway because my 3 hours of sleep just aren’t cutting it.

In sum, layovers are not fun.  Within 4 hours I’ve nearly exhausted everything to explore at this giant airport and am just eager to get to my destination.  Uck, time pass faster, please.



One response

26 06 2011

You sound miserable! I feel your pain, though… I can’t make it through 2 hours at LAX without copious amounts of food and internet access. Sometimes I’ve brought full seasons of my fave TV shows (Moonlighting is great for this–never get sick of that) to watch on the laptop, but even then you have to have a plug outlet.

Hang in there. Sending good wishes to you from The States.

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